How to Use Purevpn Chrome Extension

If you are a Chrome user, you may be interested in learning how to use the PureVPN Chrome extension. The extension is simple to use and provides a number of benefits, including added security and privacy. In this post, we will provide a guide on how to set up and use the PureVPN Chrome extension.

Is the Purevpn Extension for Chrome Safe?

Yes, the Purevpn extension guarantees secure browsing by keeping your identity anonymous. It encrypts your internet traffic when you connect with its secure servers. You don’t need to worry about anyone tracking your online activities while accessing the Purevpn extension on ChromeChrome.

How Does Purevpn Work on Chrome?

Purevpn chrome extension is easy to use. You only have to install the Purevpn chrome extension on your ChromeChrome with a single click. Then, you can connect with any Purevpn server available across 30 countries worldwide. 

This extension unblocks major geo-restricted streaming services & TV channels. It delivers instant VPN connectivity and internet browsing at a lightning-fast speed. You can connect 10 devices simultaneously on a single account. You can access many blocked services in your local areas and stream them with zero buffering.

How to Download Purevpn Chrome Extension?

You can download the Purevpn chrome extension from its official website by following the below steps.

  • Open the following URL in your chrome browser –
  • Click on the “Free Download” button.
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button in the top-left corner.
  • Click on “Add extension.”
  • PureVPN Chrome Extension will download in ChromeChrome.

How to Use Purevpn for Chrome

You can follow the below steps to use Purevpn on Chrome.

Steps to create a Purevpn account on its chrome extension.

  • Open the installed Purevpn chrome extension by clicking on its icon from the top-right corner.
  • Click on the “Create Account” button.
  • Select the “Get free trial now” option.
  • Enter all the details on your screen. Select your payment method to move further.
  • You have successfully created a Purevpn account.

Steps to log in and establish a Purevpn connection.

  • Open the Purevpn chrome extension.
  • Enter your PureVPN account Login credentials ( the email address and password you used while creating the account). Click on “Login.”
  • If you have purchased multiple subscriptions, You have to log in by selecting one credential. Then, click on “Ok.”
  • You can start to connect with a Purevpn server.
  • Click on the “Connect” button.
  • Purevpn will connect you instantly with the server chosen by it.

Steps to connect with a specific country.

You can use this setting when you want to access content available in a specific country.

  • Click on the “Select Country” button.
  • Select any country to whom you want to connect with on ChromeChrome.
  • You can search for a country using the search option.
  • After selecting a country, Purevpn connects you with it instantly.

Steps to connect with a specific city.

  • Click on the “Select Country” button.
  • Click the “Arrow” icon right next to the name of a country.
  • Select any city to connect with it instantly.
  • You can search for a city via the search option.

Steps to access Popular Websites on chrome.

Purevpn enlists major streaming services such as Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon prime US, Sony Liv, BBC iplayer UK, etc., in the Popular Websites tab. You must have subscribed to their paid services.

  • Click on “Popular Websites.”
  • Select any website of your choice.
  • The selected streaming service opens in a new chrome tab.
  • Enter the Login credentials related to that website.

Why is Purevpn Not Working in Chrome?

We will discuss common issues related to Purevpn working and ways to resolve them.

1. When Purevpn doesn’t connect.

You can resolve Purevpn connectivity issues by using the below measures.

  • Check your internet connectivity – Sometimes, Your internet connection cuts off, disconnecting your VPN server. To check this, turn off your Purevpn connection. Open any random webpage in your chrome. Contact your ISP to restore your internet connection if it doesn’t open.
  • Reinstall your Purevpn extension – The extension may experience technical bugs and glitches. Update it’s the latest version if you haven’t by reinstalling it.
  • Switch to another Purevpn server – If your internet connection is active and you’re using the latest version. Then, connect with another server. Often, a server is overcrowded or blocked.
  • Reinstall/Restart your chrome browser – Internal errors with outdated versions can be fixed by installing the latest version.
  • Contact Purevpn customer support team – If the issue stands resolved, the last solution is to contact their support team and describe your problem in detail.

2. You’re experiencing slow speed with Purevpn.

Often, the speed drop is due to other issues, which are as follows.

  • Conduct your VPN service speed test – You can use any speed test tool. Check the speeds by turning on/off your Purevpn. You can determine whether the speed drop is due to Purevpn or your internet connection.
  • Try another Purevpn server – Often, you select “distant servers” from your location, which results in slow speed. You can try connecting with the nearest Purevpn server and check if the speed increases.
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